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Learning doesn’t end in the classroom. For about a quarter of Lawrentians, learning continues on the field, court, track, ice, fencing piste, and in the pool through athletics.

Our Vikings compete on 22 varsity-level teams against other schools around the Midwest. All LU athletes share a commitment to bringing the curiosity of learning to their sport and working hard as both a student and an athlete.

While student-athletes spend time on the road during their seasons, at home they train in our facilities with dedicated athletic trainers and supportive coaches. Providing athletic and academic resources to support each student-athlete is essential to aid in their development and allows Lawrence’s teams to grow and succeed together.

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Athletic giving helps student-athletes succeed.

Teammates surround Lawrence University's Emma Vasconez after scoring a golden goal in overtime


NCAA Divisions III teams

From football to fencing, soccer to swimming, Lawrence offers an array of athletic opportunities.

Fitness is fun with Lawrence’s intramural sport opportunities ranging from pickleball to volleyball to ping pong.

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